The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Deaf-Blind Community Class
St. Patrick's Church
815 East Edgar Street, Seattle, WA

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DB classes are held at Seattle Central Community College. Pictured: Ken Sting, Bill Dimick, Jordan Clodfelter, Christine Gilbrough and Annie Sting. Deaf-Blind people are learning how to play poker in class.The Deaf-Blind Community Class is an opportunity for Deaf-Blind adults in the Seattle community to get together and learn about a variety of educational and fun topics in a truly accessible and supportive environment.

Topics for class are chosen by Deaf-Blind people. Presenters are usually from the Deaf-Blind community, and sometimes, when appropriate from the larger community. The class takes place every other Wednesday in the evenings at a selected location. Occasionally, the class will travel to another site for a field trip. Class topics have included " 911 Training", "DB Stories", "Politics and Voting".

Last year, 52 Deaf-Blind adults attended the class, and 80 volunteers provided interpreting support.

The class is set up to be the best communication environment possible. Interpreters are provided for all students, the layout of the room, seating plan, backgrounds, and lighting are all designed for clear communication. Assistive listening devices such as FM systems, and large print and brailled materials are available.

Interpreting support is provided by a mix of volunteers including professional and student interpreters, both hearing and Deaf. We are lucky to have the support of The Deaf-Blind Service Center Mentor Program, Seattle Central Community Colleges' Interpreter Training Program, and The American Sign Language Interpreting School for the class.

Training is available for the interpreters, with a pre-class review of that nights' class and any specialized vocabulary. Interpreters have "relief" interpreters so that they have breaks, every 20 minutes. Our volunteer interpreters are critical to the success of the class, and receive a steady supply of chocolate as well as other small gifts of appreciation after class.

In addition to learning new information, the Deaf-Blind Community Class is a gathering place for people in the community to come together with peers and friends, catch up on the latest news, share announcements, show off new babies, new guide dogs, and meet friends. For more information about the Deaf-Blind Community Class:


Look forward to seeing you at Deaf-Blind class, and special thanks to all of the volunteers!