DB Spring Retreat

May 3-5, 2002
Winthrop, WA

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Bus arrives Sun Mt. Lodge
Bus @ Sun Mt. Lodge
Room view
Pool Room View
Back side of lodge showing pool and hot tub
Pool Side
Jenne Arnold left Jackie Engler right (Co-Directors)
JA & JE Directors
Lorie Noel leaning over pool table with cue stick
Friday night meeting room
Friday Night Mtg.
Ken Sting with Theron (Deaf Interpreter) & Jeff W
Fri Night Mtg
RJS & Liz Halperin
FRi Night Mtg 2
View of Winthrop as group arrives in bus
Bus arrives Winthrop
Group hangs out in town, woohoo
Ready for ice cream
Margarita on wood sidewalk in Winthrop
Margarita Eng
Margarita and Ted Riding Saddle stoles
Margarita & Ted
Ted & Margarita with totem pole standing between them.
Ted & Margarita
Margarita and Di in front of old Saloon door
Margatira & Di
Saddle seats near table, Paula, Romeo and SSP
Saddle Seats
Robert Terrazas & Dennis Bookshnis eating ice cream
Nancy Sommer w/Kathryn Cutler eating ice cream.
Nancy S IScream
Lillian & Lavena Meske with Marie Massena all enjoying a ice cream cone.
LL Sister's
Margarita sitting in saddle seat while Romeo eats ice cream.
Margarita in saddle
Inside of bus as we sit on the way to Lodge
Bus to lodge
Dinner set up by lodge staff here is the chuck wagon.
Chuckwagon set-up
Lavena Meske and Beth her ssp
Lavena and Beth
Jenne makes dinner announcement at BBQ.
Bill Dimick & David Miller
Bill & David
Ken Sting close up with new hat.
Ken Sting
JE and JA in their cowboy hats at BBQ.
Table at BBQ, DB relax and enjoy good food.
BBQ Chow down
BBQ feast group sitting at picnic tables
BBQ Yummy!
Mark, Ken and others at BBQ seated at picnic tables
Mark & gang
Lorie Noel in cowboy hat.
Cowgirl Lorie
Black Horse with blinders
Horse w/blinders
RJS petting horse with Eric
RJS & Eric
Melissa & Trevor Kosa in window of cabin.
Melissa & Trevor
Maxine in her rainbox colored hat sitting at picnic table with ssp.
Maxine & gang
Group shot at BBQ.
Mark L, Jeff W & ssp
Mark & Co
Nancy S petting black horse
Nancy, smile
Jeff W, Cynthia W, Kathryn C. on back of wagon
Terps stickin' together
Wagon Hoo
Romeo left and Lynn Serpa right
Wagons loaded
View of mountains as seen from back of wagon
That's a view
Four wagons going up the trail.
4 Wagons
DB stand by roaring fireplace
Cozy Fireplace
Lynn Chase & Lynn Serpa by fireplace
Lynn & Lynn
Saturday night dance scene
LIne dancing
VR Line Dance
Dancing with hands up tent style and people going under neath couples
Dancing on and on
Annie leading the line dance
Annie leading
Still having fun line dancing
Lead on
DL & Lavena checking tmr menu
Lavena & DL
Ken Sting drumming with Theron (Deaf) assisting
Ken drumming
Annie drums while Ken looks on with smile on face.
Annie, Wow
No age limit for drums, Polly M drumming with style
Polly drumming
Ken & Polly with Mindy watching on
Ken & Polly
Dennis B ready to shoot with pool cue.
Dennis Bookshnis
Robert T in concentration to shoot the eight ball
Robert Terrezas
Sunday Breakfast seated Jordan, David, Melinda, Ted & MArgarita
Sunday Breakfast
Breakfast table, Mindy & Pam, Eric, Maxine, Lillian and Marie Massena
Breakfast 2
Breakfast table, Trevor, Nadene, Melissa, DL, Mark, Robert T.
Breakfast table 3
Breakfast seated Liz, Nancy, Kathryn K., RJS, Eric, Lavena
Breakfast TAble 4
Sunday Breakfast seated Lynn C., Dennis, Sophia, Annie...
Breakfast Table 5
Bus arrives it's time to go
Headin home
Restaurant view of windows that look out over the valley
Missed the restraurant
Deer in field close to lodge
Yes deer in field
Riverside Lodge after Fire
Riverside Lodge After Fire
Riverside Lodge after Fire
Riverside Lodge and cars
Riverside Lodge after Fire
Rebuild no know
Riverside Lodge Fire
Nothing left

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