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DB Camper Application
DB Campers Selection Process
Application Deadline
Waiting List/NOT Eligible
Volunteer Selection Process
Floyd Pitre Scholarship Fund
Age Requirements

Important Information

The DeafBlind Retreat will be held Sunday August 26 Saturday September 1, 2018, at Seabeck Conference Center in Seabeck, WA. We will have an awesome week filled with community building, self-discovery, and experiencing the DeafBlind way! Our applications are emailed and paper mailed in February. Please send back your application as soon as possible. The deadline for applications is March 16, 2018 (email or postmarked).

We will have an AWESOME retreat together!

DeafBlind Retreat Team 2018

The Retreat is for DeafBlind adults:

  • Who are able to make independent decisions
  • Are 18 years and older OR
  • 16 years and older and attending with a parent or adult friend. The parent/friend will need to meet our volunteer-interpreter qualifications and will be matched up as a volunteer-interpreter with other campers.


  • General Application Due - March 16th, 2018 (Email or Postmarked).


  • Letters stating your acceptance status will be mailed by the last week of April.
  • Do NOT send a check or make your plane reservation until you get your acceptance letter!
  • Acceptance will include the following:
    • Transportation Request Form
    • Release Forms
    • Activity Information
    • Fee Form
    • Dietary Needs Information Form
    • Housing Form


  • One reason our Retreat has been very successful is that we take good care of our volunteer-interpreters so they keep coming back. We give all of the volunteer-interpreters a break every day. This results in efficient communication and comfortable Retreat for everyone.

    For all volunteer-interpreters to have a break, we need A LOT of them. EXAMPLE:
    60 skilled volunteer-interpreters = 40 DB campers
    45 skilled volunteer-interpreters = 30 DB campers

    What happens if many DB people apply but not enough volunteer- interpreters?

    Some DB people will go on the wait list until we have enough volunteer-interpreters. When we have more volunteer-interpreters we will add more DB to the "accepted" list.

  • Our Retreat includes DeafBlind people with a variety of backgrounds, languages and communication styles.
    • Examples: DB from Seattle, or from other states and countries. DB who use Protactile, ASL, signing in English order, tactile, speech with FM system, or other equipment (typing) to communicate. We include all DB who grew up with different life experiences.
    • Safety issues are our primary concern. People who are considered a threat to others are not eligible.

    • We concentrate on the applications that are received by deadline March 16th (postmarked).

    • We look at who is a first-time camper and those who may have been turned down in previous years to lack of space or not enough volunteer-interpreters.

    • We give priority to developmentally disabled DeafBlind campers who work at the Lighthouse. Additional information for Developmentally Disabled DeafBlind people is available.

    • DeafBlind Campers costs: $375 full week (Sun-Sat), $225 half week (Sun-Wed or Wed-Sun).

    • There are no one overnight-only spaces.

    • When we receive your application, we will send you a letter to let you know we got your application. If you do not get contact from us within 2 weeks from the time you mailed your application, please contact us.


  • If you are eligible to attend, but all spaces have been filled or we do not have enough volunteer-interpreters, we will put your name on the wait list. We will notify you by July 1st if there is space for you.

  • If you are not accepted this year, we encourage you to apply again next year. You may also want to contact us about visiting for one day.


Some partial scholarships are available for campers. Please provide us with your contact information (phone, email or address) to get scholarship form or more information.



Do you know someone who would be a good volunteer-interpreter for the Retreat? Someone with good communication skills, guiding skills and a good attitude? Please give us their name and address, or ask them to contact us.

Certified interpreters may earn RID CEU's for volunteering at the Retreat. Interpreters can contact RID for more information.


We look for qualified volunteer-interpreters. This means they must have communication and guiding skills, as well as experience socializing with DeafBlind adults. If you would like more information about volunteer-interpreters, please contact us.

A Retreat volunteer-interpreter can check with their supervisor about sponsoring the volunteer-interpreter to come to the retreat (buy the plane ticket, pay the wages, etc.) The Lighthouse can write a letter of support for the volunteer-interpreter. Volunteer-interpreters can contact the Lighthouse for more information.

Floyd Pitre Scholarship Fund

Floyd Pitre, one of our nation's DeafBlind leader, loved the DeafBlind Retreat at Seabeck so much that he chose it to be the place where he spent the last days of his life.

We were honored to have Floyd with us in 1994, and in loving memory of his wonderful spirit, we have established a scholarship fund in his name.

Donations that we receive for the scholarship fund will be used for financial assistance to DeafBlind to attend the Retreat.

If you would like to donate to this fund, please make your check payable to "The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc." and write "For Floyd Pitre Fund" on the bottom of the check or on a separate note. All donations will be used for Retreat Scholarships.

Thank you for your support!
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